WiFi Services

The internet transformed the way we do business forever. Modern companies need dependable WiFi to stay connected, but also to facilitate growth. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as installing a few devices and hoping your office will have full coverage – large-scale WiFi must be planned, installed and managed correctly to keep your business moving forward.

Work with Yes Computer Solutions to avoid the stress, hassle and logistical challenges associated with WiFi networking. We plan, install and maintain WiFi networks at scale for businesses of all sizes and from every sector.

Even when your premises is expansive, such as in a care home or warehouse, we can help ensure 100% coverage throughout the structure and help you wave goodbye to WiFi woes.

Our WiFi Guarantees

When you use Yes Computer Solutions, the answer to every question about fixing your Wi-Fi will be…Yes! We offer performance and capacity guarantees and can design networks that guarantee performance – perfect for businesses that need 100% uptime and reliability in their network. Learn more about our WiFi promise by getting in touch via the button below.

IT System Rental

Complex premises can make installing a WiFi system a challenge, limiting speeds and connectivity due to the physical constraints of the building and sometimes incompatible materials used during the development – and that’s before we come to assess user needs, ability and accessibility. There’s a long list of challenges that you might encounter, but we’re here to help you overcome them.

We’ll assess your site and needs, then build and implement a WiFi network that utilises numerous access points to offer reliable coverage to large buildings like care homes, universities, student housing, residential apartment blocks, offices, warehouses and more.

Hardware Rental

Pair your WiFi installation with state of the art equiment. We rent a wide range of IT and telephony hardwise, saving you the initial up-front cost or the extensive research usually associated with purchasing.

Make your tech needs as straightforward as possible with Yes Computer Solutions. We’ll install your WiFi network and then supply hardware to keep you running at peak efficiency at low-cost monthly rates.

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