Computer Repairs & Data Recovery

Can we help fix your computer, rebuild a faulty system or recover vital data? The answer is always the same: Yes!

Computers are prone to all kinds of issues – from frustrating errors through to catastrophic breakdowns. Whatever the problem, we can help you get your IT back on track.

Whatever the problem, we have the expertise to either fix it straight away or provide a timeline estimate to give you more peace of mind. We cover every issue, including system crashes, networking faults, data loss, virus/malware removal, privacy breaches and more.

Though every case is unique, our experience across the IT field means we can often diagnose and fix your problem in no time. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements or read on to learn more about what we do.

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Fixing a computer or laptop is no easy task. After all, issues can be anything from something simple like a driver being out of date, or a catastrophic failure that requires a replacement part. Diagnosing and fixing these problems is our bread and butter – so why struggle on your own?

Whether you’ve got a personal computer that’s giving up the ghost or you’re a business owner with an office full of faulty IT, we can help. Get in touch today to let us know about your problem, and we’ll aim to fix it as quickly as we can. With a stellar record from customers across Leicestershire, you’re in safe hands when you choose Yes Computer Solutions.

Data Recovery

Whilst the era of cloud computing is here, there’s still plenty of room for error when it comes to data. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted a vital file or your system has corrupted it through no fault of your own, losing access to critical data can cripple your business or personal life.

We can help you recover data from hardware or cloud-based systems, and then create a stronger process for you going forward to keep that data protected. Don’t despair over lost data. We can help you find and recover everything from sentimental family photos to sensitive business documentation. Contact our team to get started.

Network Problems

In an online world, connectivity is king. Businesses can be brought to an absolute standstill through WiFi issues or networking problems, leaving staff idle and losing money with every passing minute.

You can’t rely on the big brand networking operators to issue fixes, especially if you’ve got a niche problem unique to your office or business. Choose Yes Computer Solutions instead, and we’ll help identify the problem, fix the network and get you back online.

In most cases, we can also improve your existing network and keep your business operating online more efficiently via our IT management service.

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